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Professional Home Pest Protection Plans For North Alabama and Tennessee Homes At J and J Pest Control.

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company, our passion is providing the homeowners in our community with the friendly customer service and quality pest control solutions that they deserve. Our registered and certified experts have developed a highly effective pest control process that not only eliminates pests, but also minimizes their chances of returning while keeping your family and pets safe.

When you think of a local, quality, and trustworthy business, you think of J and J Pest Control; owned by Jason and Jennie Keith, is a family owned and operated business. J and J pride themselves in ensuring customers with reliable and affordable pest control services. Services can be provided for the following areas, Lincoln County, TN., Madison County, AL., and surrounding areas. J and J’s services are accessible Monday through Friday from 8a.m. to 5p.m. with opportunity for special accommodations upon customer requests.

J and J Pest Control specialize in General Pest Control, Termite Treatment, Bed Bug Treatment, Fungus Treatment, Vapor Barrier and Encapsulation. As part of their personable welcoming environment, greets you upon visitation, after J and J resumes the utmost customer service by spraying the interior and exterior of the house, as well as removing any unwanted spider webs, and baiting for mice and rats. J and J Pest Control provides further services, such as Bed Bug Treatment, Fungus Treatment, Vapor Barrier, and Termite Treatment, which includes a retreat bond, annual inspections.

Finally, J and J Pest Control provide services of Encapsulation. Crawling under a house can be a hard and uncomfortable situation, but with J and J it can be easy and hassle free. J and J ensures that the underneath of your house is sealed off and in pristine condition. Encapsulation is necessary to provide a barrier in order to seal off and prevent moisture. This service can also help prevent any unnecessary mold and fungus that could otherwise arise within the foundation of your home.

All services can simply be provided by calling or emailing J and J Pest Control. When calling or emailing J and J Pest Control, you will be connected personally to one of the owners where they will conveniently schedule any pest control service needed to restore your home back to its immaculate condition. J and J Pest Control is a family owned and operated business that is worthy of your trust and support.

J and J is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. J and J Pest Control can be contacted through phone call, text message, email, or Facebook, Phone: 931-993-7898 Email: or Facebook: J and J Pest Control

We promise to provide you with a safe and comfortable home for you and your family. We look forward to serving you and your family as we have for many others. Let us know how we can help!